On Pajamas


Re: the open mike for poets affair for which I am scheduled; yes its okay with me if everyone else wants to wear pajamas to these events but I’d like to say this about that.

On pajamas:

In the performance of one’s own work, the artist is given a glimpse from the Other Side and must be left free to choose all the components which seem to best interpret that rare instant.

Only the artist can be accountable for the expression of that creative moment in time.

Only the artist can be assumed to be sufficiently competent to make whatever choices would hopefully best portray that rare moment.

The words, the lilt, the carriage and yes, the costumery are among the many choices that must be left to the artist.

The antithesis of creativity is conformity. I would not want to be standing on stage costumed for the performance of my own creation in what I refer to as my D.C. suit and see everyone in the audience dressed as though ready for bed.

If others must choose then please, consider the supposed neutrality of nudity. Would the audience best  remember, The Speak or The Streak?


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