Down in the Dumps by Lee Broom


 What do you do when there’s nothing to do?

Is this the in-between place?

Are you neither afraid nor even in love;

Is this your Who Am I face?

As you count the tiles on the bathroom wall

Do  you pick your nose and examine your toes?

Is this the way the story goes?

When you take a moment to dump waste?

When you waste a moment to dump?

Are you down in the dumps

Or ready to hump

To kick some butt

Or take your lumps

As you dare to view your past

Can you wipe the crumbs from your lazy ass

And do your bump and grind?

Scoop the melon from the rind?

As you rise from your behind?

Accept the Love and pass it along.

Forget the “buts” you’ve been sitting on.

Rise up my friend, enjoy the Dawn

Ignore your past as The Put-Upon.

“Wake up Jacob. Day’s a breakin’. The cow’s in the barnyard and the rooster’s a crowin’.

© Lee Broom



We often ask “Why”

when we mean something else.
Perhaps we mean “What is the cause?”

When you ask “Why”,
Do you mean “What” or “When?”
Would “Where” or “How”  give you pause?

My first guess is,
That we all want to know
A little bit more of The Self;

The Ego that drives
The more curious to drink
From the bottle up high on the shelf

Inquisitive Abner
When given a choice,
Today, will ask “How” every time.

No longer is “Why”
As important as once,
When his quest was by reason, sublime.

Today Abner chooses
To practice the “How”, asking Only
“What shall I do next?”

“Pass it on Brother Ab
Simply Do the next thing.
Your life is no longer a hex.”


From “Whence” came the Voice
Heard only to Ab
No longer does Abner ask “Why”

“Who may I help?”
Asks the Better Man
“Is there someone near, sicker than I?”

Then suddenly opens
The door to his heart.
And he hears the Answer to “Why”

Here I am Brother Ab
I’ve been here all along
It is I, it is I, it is I.



When birds fly, when ants forage, when religions are born, when governments collapse, there is a principle involved; it has nothing to do with education, intelligence, with social history or for that matter, any noticeable measure of sanity. It is present in all group activity. It requires only the most basic instinctual fragment of decision-making. The leader of the pack “says” North, South, East or West. The pack members notice only the constituent to the left or the right and follow the observed movements. With starlings it is called murmeration. With cattle it is hanging out with the herd. With bees it is buzzin’ aroun’ with yer buddies and with people it is the nod of a hundred heads to the command “Let’s get’er done.”



Curious, Abner licked a toad;
At least he thought it so.
For a moment or so it looked like a toad,
From head to warty toe.

“However”, said he, “I’m not so sure”
For time now seemed to slow.
“Whatever it is that I did lick,
I’m not sure that I know”

He pondered a moment and then “Aha,
Perhaps it was a stool,
Upon which sat a warty toad
And made me such a fool.”

“ ‘Twas the shape” said he, “of which I’m not
so sure I’ll ever know.”
“But lick I did and shape be danged,
I think it’s time to go”

(And fraught with a frustration due to a lack of fresh ideas, Abner pulled out his CRUMBS manual and ran his finger down the pages and began to read the chapter on creativity…

Johnny Be Good (Photography by Sandra Schou)


Photography by Sandra Schou

Johnny Be Good my friend, my pal
To yourself as well as to others.
Amends is the key to the day you’ll be free
Of the fear of being bothered.
Bothered by memories, bothered to hear
Of impending loneliness year after year.

Johnny Be Good my friend, my pal
To yourself as well as to others.
Be good to yourself; you’ll find it true,
That you’ll eagerly seek to be ready to do,
The things we can do though bothered.
Be ready my friend to be bothered.