2 21 2013 The Tree

That one lone tree on Meadowlark Hill
The song its tenants sang
The laugh and coo of newborn tots,
reflecting yin and yang

The memories are distorted
the silence now a roar
I left; here’s what they told me
return some day for more

More is what I needed
more became Amor
Emotion came to greet me
My heart began to soar

Amor became commitment
commitment to the Source
The Source became the Doorway
revealing an Inner Force

One day I’ll want to visit
pay respects to Meadowlark Hill
And mingle with the Tenants
as through open beaks they trill
And remind me of the joy I found
That day on Meadowlark Hill.


Who Not What by Zippity Zot



The WHAT of life is found ‘neath the neck.

The WHO resides in the head.

What I want to know by zippety zot

Is Who is this in my bed?

The body’s familiar, it has two legs.

But who’s at the other end?

A woman it seems, she’s not a horse.

So what path down was I led?

This must be a dream, of course that is so.

Another one’s coming and

Off I shall go

I’m going

I’m going

I’m gone.