My shoes don’t match

I said to myself
Observing one black and one brown.
One pointy toe
The other a moc
I noticed as I sat down.

I remembered a time
In Pershing Square
An orator holding his own
The end is nigh
Beware my friends
Repent before heading Home

Is he right I wondered
My shoes don’t match
I’d found them a moment ago
I repented not
They felt warm and snug
I left them on my toes.

My shoes don’t match
I said to myself
Observing one black and one brown.

One pointed toe
The other a moc
Each slipped over
A woolen sock
The time was passing
Tickety tock
A smile replacing a frown;

I have another pair just like these
And they are my very own.

A book by Lee Broom.

Open Ended Questions



How many millions are in a zillion?

How many leaves in a forest?

How many souls exist in forever?

How many came before us?

Where is it written?’Where are the answers?

Where is the Heavenly Chorus?

When did the Big Bang Beget the beginning?

Is the answer there before us?

What if I told you I knew all along?

What if you held a Thesaurus?

A new interrogative might have an answer

Or perhaps it would simply bore us.

I  think i shall ask my friend Morris

By Lee Broom


A Few Basics.

lafayette compound 008

1; Question everything or live the life of The Lemming. Mother

2: Look it up in World Book. Father

3: Do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it (and don’t do what you’re not supposed to). Jim.

4: Trust God and do the Next Thing. Meister Eckhart.

5: Spiritual, emotional and physical wellness are the rewards of reason tempered with faith. Approval? Not so much.. Lee.

6: Nobody warned me. The Lemming

Lee Broom. Leadership. A Love Story.