Travel far enough (it is said) and you will meet yourself.

And Live long enough Mother said and you will see that everything that you can imagine has become real.

And Father said Look it up in World Book.

And Lao Tsu said that arguing misses the point.

And Jesus said “Bang”, (loosely translated as “I’ve been here since the beginning and I’m always gonna be here.”.

And I say that Everytime I find a Truth, it changes. Is there any Truth beyond the search for that Truth? I wonder. No, I don’t think so.

My Fortune, my Fame, the keys to my Cadillac for an hour over tea with a Knowitall.

Peace? Perhaps an enema.

Lee Broom



lafayette compound 008

Competitive spirit (the will of the weak).
Line item listings
Of Proof
Wasted moments of life without meaning
Uncomfortably long
Of tooth.

So where are they now; what purpose was served
What hope for the future
Arms out. Now walk. Now jump up and down.
Signs of Life.

Competitive spirit; Now tweaked with resolve.
Line item listings
Now gone
Service to Others; a life Now with purpose
Confidence second to
Life Now

By Lee Broom

Never Ask Why


Who asked that question; who wants to know?

What exactly is the question?

Where were you when this question first occurred to you?

When did this first occur to you?

Why is this so important to you? (Never mind.)

How did you happen to develop this train of thought? (There, that wasn’t so difficult.)

Have you developed any theories in your quest for data?

Is there a point beyond which you will cease to wonder?

Does it bother you that all your friends have the answers to these questions?

Does it bother you that your friends haven’t a shred of evidence to support their answers to your questions?


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You are wrong she said. I am an authority.

No, No, No. I insisted that this historical bit of architecture had been moved to its present location.

She averred that the house had been built on that site.
I am an authority.

I knew that she was
(The Authority)

And I knew that I was right.

(You are soooo mistaken.)

I am an authority.

(She is The Authority; Am I in early dementia?)

I sat and I thought. I remembered the events from years past that had created my belief.

I scanned the jelly in my skull, perusing the hundreds of essays I have written over the years about the folly of rushing to conclusions, the dangers of not examining evidence, the importance of objectivity, the foolishness of rushing to rationalize those alluring leaps to the leering looniness masquerading as lucidity.

I discovered two erroneous assumptions. I was wrong. Not about the conclusion; that was a mistake. I was wrong because I strayed from my path. I was wrong because I had held my belief in higher esteem than a Sister of the Path.

I filled out the one remaining form.

“You are right”.

I know.

Later I shared the story with a friend.

You silly man. As a student in my teens I saw that ugly house with its trashy tenants every morning on my way to school.

You can be such a fool.

You silly man.

By Lee Broom.


color039_sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50 Boys fishing in a bayou. Schriever, Louisiana, June 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Marion Post Wolcott. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Pursuing The Goal requires a daily search for proof and affirmation.

By doing this we are closing the book without having read it

When we set The Goal we begin by writing a story. That story is about The Path toward this goal.

The Path is our Life.

When we live our life with the eye on the goal we forfeit many of our daily choices.

Yesterday I read the following email:

“For two months I have been unable to write. The creative voice in my head has been silenced.

Two months ago I finished my canon, a book about focusing on the path instead of the goal.

No longer the author of a book in progress, I was now just an old man. Obviously, my friends were to blame. I heard only ‘You’re an old man; the book is not important.’

Last night my right Kidney said ‘get me to the hospital.’ Another voice said ‘Write about it’. So, I wrote. And, I recalled the joy of the path. And The Goal was not THE BOOK. it was the sharing.

Today, I apologize. Today, I thank you for your support. Today, I write…
Today, I am a ‘Young Man’ (with compliant kidneys).”