7 29 2012 003

Near my front door. New blossoms daily.
At night they close their petals and sleep.


Good morning, Friend.

I had difficulty in greeting the day, today. However…………………..

You were in my Gratitude Prayer when I awoke this morning and again when I went for my Sunday Morning Walk and yet again as I began this post.

My brain still has a “Bobby Lee Piss-off” file but I think I’m the only one left in there.

I awoke you see, with a shiver in my quiver and a weak upper lip. However………………

I was awakened by the birdies and warmed by the morning sun and I’m beginning to feel my toenails grow.

There goes that phone. We can talk later.





Continuity is everything.

Without it there’s confusion.

Without it there is chaos.

There is only continuity.

Chaos exists only in our minds.

When we perceive chaos, we are too close.

The solution is to back away.

Now, read these words again and replace the word “continuity” with the word “art”

and then again,

with “God”


Curious Abner’s “Con”


Curious Abner thought awhile,

(A while is all he had.)

The moment seemed to last forever,

(Forever’s not so bad.)

After all, thought Curio,

It only takes an instant

To contemplate creation,

How far is near or distant?

(To contemplate or “complicate”.)

He wondered with a grin

Content and yes, quite satisfied

With this intellectual spin.

While rolling in the aisle.

Curious Abner thought awhile.

(A while is all he had.)