What is The Greatest Power known to man?

Are their words enough to describe It?

What do we call this Power?

Who possesses this Power?

What possesses this Power?

Where did this Power come from?

When will this Power cease to exist?

Does this Power have Intelligence?

If this power has Intelligence, what does it know?

How much does it know?

How old is it?

What does it do?

When does it do it?

Is this Power dependent on Time?

Does Time exist?

If time exists when did Time begin?

When will Time end?

Is it possible that The Beginning and the End are the same thing?

Was Life created?

If so, Who or What created it?

How was it done?

If Life was created or if Life evolved, when will that task be completed?

Are there enough words in any language to answer even one of these questions?

Will we ever know the answer to these questions?

What motivates us to ask these questions?

What compels us to attempt to answer these questions?

If it were possible to answer all imaginable questions and if all were known would life go on?

Can it teach me how to tie a Windsor Knot?

Wouldn’t it be true that by that by that time the personal pronoun, “WE” found in all these questions would then be the possessor of all Love and all Knowledge?

What is the relationship between this Power and the world as WE know it?

Who has answers to these questions?

Where is the evidence?

Can there really be enough words in any language to put into a book or a word processor to answer any one of these questions?

Okay now, back to the first question……. If one supposed that the answer to this question and the second, ,,,,and the third is Love, then the rest should be easy, right?



To Camouflage…


We want to be different;

to be noticed

but not too different.

We also want to be loved

but also respected.

One of the gang

but also special.

Leopards and Zebras and Holsteins when bunched together

appear to be one

’til one steps away.

The spindly legged Zebra colt moves toward the patch of black and yellow flowers

and becomes lunch.

Fred loosens his tie and others notice

but not so much.

Delilah wags her tail and grins her doggie grin;

we miss her still.


Art creates art.

and becomes popular and

then not.

And Art’s art is forgotten

as is Art.

To Camouflage.

or not to camouflage;

is that the question?

To Camouflage…..?




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True leaders are  discovered,  often after their time here on earth.

True leaders are not compliant, they are true to their own ethics.

True leaders recognize, accept and attempt to share Love.

True leaders do not seek to prove but to discover Truth.

True leaders do not compete, they encourage.

True leaders allow others to be themselves.

True leaders don’t advise, they listen.

True leaders serve when needed.

True leaders are often despised.

True leaders are curious.

True leaders are us.

True leaders are.

Truth leads.




Does it matter, the ideas we study?

Does it matter, if we begin with an opinion?

If we endeavor to understand any idea or set of ideas
with the assumption that this set of ideas is Truth and
the purpose of studying those ideas is to find a way to
achieve cognitive consonance between the beliefs of the
original thinker and the students, can learning actually occur?



To study requires a promise

To cherish objectivity.

To learn requires a premise

That is the priority.


Perhaps there is no truth?

Are we using the right tools?

Oh, for an opinion.

So many rules.

Are we fools?


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I’ve decided to spend the “Fourteen Shopping Days Left” season riding the bus. I’m still a little antsy about driving since The Accident and the traffic is horrendous. I faced the fear of driving again which inspired me to face the fear of being stuck without a car.


I don’t think so.



Light rail?



Some, perhaps.


Now we’re getting someplace.

For years I’ve been driving to the gym to walk on a treadmill.

For years I’ve been driving to the canal and pounding sand.

For three days I have been walking to Fry’s, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and CVS.

Today I will use a bus pass to travel ten miles interspersed with a total of about two miles walking.

Am I facing a fear?


I’m ignoring it.

I am way  too busy enjoying myself.