Follow The Leader

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Follow The Leader


The best style is the style you don’t notice. Somerset Maugham


Follow the Leader,

A popular game

Better than anything known.


A Daisy Chain

Which leads to what?

A dull edge; to be honed.


Forget The Leader

Withdraw your Knife

And check its blade,

How keen?


How reliable?

Will it part

The Rarest from The Mean?


Now, to its sheath

Replace its Quick

Decisive, well honed Edge


And trust it, yes

To separate

The Morsel from the Bone.

Lee Broom




“You’re a wimp” said he

With Fire on his breath

His words were crisp

Like the crackle of death

And my friend whose message

Of Ooh La La

Became instead one of Oom Pa Pa

and said “Yes”,

To the voice of his Alter.

Not once did he dare to falter.

Identified then as an arrogant prick

He wasn’t really (Perhaps he is sick)

Of what (Who knows) could it be that he

Forgot who he was and thought he was me

(As usual in search of another Rhyme

I seem to have run out of time.)

By Lee Broom