Dancing octuplets joined at the hip

Hither and yon they must go

Carefully, carefully one might add

As they sidle as one through the door.

Joined at the hip might not be so bad

It’s their suitors for whom one must feel

Imagine how daunting the octo-fad

As clothing begins to peel.

Premises, Promises and Objectivity


Lee in Paradise

Does it matter, the ideas we study?

 Does it matter ,if we begin with an opinion?

 If we endeavor to understand any idea or set of ideas with the assumption that this set of ideas is Truth and the purpose of studying those ideas is to find a way to achieve cognitive consonance between the beliefs of the original thinker and the students, can learning actually occur?



 To  study requires a promise.

 To cherish objectivity.

 To learn requires a premise

That is the priority.


 Perhaps there is no truth?

 Are we using the right tools?

 Oh, for an opinion.

 So many rules.

 Are we fools?


Lee Broom




 What do you do when there’s nothing to do?

Is this the in-between place?

Are you neither afraid nor even in love;

Is this your Who Am I face?

As you count the tiles on the bathroom wall

Do  you pick your nose and examine your toes?

Is this the way the story goes?

When you take a moment to dump waste?

When you waste a moment to dump?

Are you down in the dumps

Or ready to hump

To kick some butt

Or take your lumps

As you dare to view your past

Can you wipe the crumbs from your lazy ass

And do your bump and grind?

Scoop the melon from the rind?

As you rise from your behind?

Accept the Love and pass it along.

Forget the “buts” you’ve been sitting on.

Rise up my friend, enjoy the Dawn

Ignore your past as The Put-Upon.

“Wake up Jacob. Day’s a breakin’. The cow’s in the barnyard and the rooster’s a crowin’.

This is your This Is Me face.

© Lee Broom