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The pathway to Knowledge is paved with Love. The measure of distance is unusually incomprehensible. The vision of Destiny is absolutely unfathomable. That Faith is required begs the question.







A: THERAPEE (the hater)


A therapist friend of mine told me that I was a real hater. She said that I use the word “hate” frequently.

A: And you think that makes me a hater?

B: Well, yeah. Why else would you say it? Didn’t you tell me a few minutes ago that you saw a film last night that you really loved?

A: Oh yes. It was a wonderful movie, a great story; I loved every minute of it.

B: Loved? Or Liked?

A: Oh, well I guess I liked it a lot. I see what you mean.

B: Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

Lee Broom


In the Beginning



The very Beginning Began with a Bang

And in the Blink of an Eye

A Trillion, Trillion, Trillion events


The final tear eroded

The Eternal Inner Cry as

A Trillion, Trillion, Trillion events


The perpetual Smile of

Quiet, Indulgent Love.

And as We began for

A Trillion, Trillion, Trillionth time

It was Love at First Light.

The very Beginning Began with a Bang

The very Beginning



A Big,






Fraidy Cat’s greatest fear is of losing the Connection.

He calls it The Word..

Fraidy Cat has followers. They are helping to spread The Word. (The Word, the Word), the Word again is The Connection.

It goes like this…

“Don’t Think-Listen.”

“Don’t question-believe.” And …….

“Never, never taste your food before you salt it.”


“Always do the ‘right’ next thing.”

Buffalo Blondie Kills a Fly and a Gnat with a Single Swat (there were no pigeons around).



On display for all to see who were able,

”It is eye”

Said the natty, gnat, gnat on the nose of the fly

Who was perched on the nose of an irritable guy; “Take that”.

And the irritable man, he swatted away

At the fly on his nose,

And the gnat (there he goes),

As his world went awry, said “goodbye”.


And the irritable man with the tie in his hand

Completed the Windsor knot.

And tucking at this and that around the collar until satisfied that “handsome is as handsome does”

(He loved this tie a lot),

Except for the spot

Where the fly had landed.

So happy he was that the fly was now gone. (the fly never really knew what hit him on the return approach).

The gnat by the way, was just that, In The Way.

And the hand of the man went SWAT once again

And returned to the view in the glass in the lav

And perfected the knot in his Brooks Brothers tie and said “Dang,

I’m a handsome man.”