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A friend of mine is a cloistered friend so how did this come to be?
Perhaps it’s because of the love in her heart for…
the fruit of her money tree.

(Perhaps Friend’s dad was the key.)

Her papa did drink from dawn to dusk from the time she was a girl.
He spent all his time aguzzlin’ gin as he…
gave the worl’ a whorl.

(So what does this mean to me?)

I was a Papa, indeed I was and a Great-great, now that I am.
And all of my children are beautiful now…
that I finally give a damn.

(So why do I feel so free?)

I could have been her Papa were it not for a friend of a friend
Who shared about turning it over and…
How to make healing amends.

(So what does this mean to thee?)

That’s it, Dear Friend…
My name is Lee…A very grateful Recoveree…
a Recovering Orphan of the Big Hazee
(a grateful recovering alcoholic.)





Lee in Paradise

“We shall be friends to those
heartbroken and in sorrow.
We shall share their sorrow.” ~Rumi


There is always one more victim

When rescued, no longer alone.

Though the victim is finally rescued

The rescuer’s work is not done

The rescuer also a victim

Has been so all along.

They both become better victims.

Their lives become as One.

With Steps to become better victims

Their lives are no longer their own.

Their lives are no longer their own.

Their lives have become as One.

By Lee Broom. From Leadership. A Love Story.