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True leaders are  discovered,  often after their time here on earth.

True leaders are not compliant, they are true to their own ethics.

True leaders recognize, accept and attempt to share Love.

True leaders do not seek to prove but to discover Truth.

True leaders do not compete, they encourage.

True leaders allow others to be themselves.

True leaders don’t advise, they listen.

True leaders serve when needed.

True leaders are often despised.

True leaders are curious.

True leaders are us.

True leaders are.

Truth leads.




No one wants to be ordinary but everyone follows the crowd.

Uniquity? Popularity?

Those who seek to have their apple turnover over and over must first snatch it from the jaws of those members of The Apple Turnover Club to which they now belong.

Look at ’em go….(who am I talkin’ to?)

And, as for that cherry turnover? They look alike, you know.  They look exactly alike.



This wasn’t a first for me, Oh no. I’ve been booed before.

But boo they did and when again I deign to take the floor

I’ll bare my soul and quote no page

but those on which I write.

And right or wrong, I’ll live my life

And sing their song no more.


I choose to be the Tortoise. The world can be my Hare.

Whatever it takes to be myself is all I have to share.

So round them up my brothers, practice till it’s right.

Consensus is the plan it seems,

for those whose plans are merely schemes

and Might is Right (it’s done in teams)

I’ll sing that song no more.