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Without darkness there can be no light,

Without weakness, no strength,

Without worry, no faith,

Without fear, no Love,

Without Love, no art.


Love becomes the lover

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To Love is to Heal.

To Accept Love is to Be Healed.

Healing begins when Fear is vanquished.

Perhaps it is the other way around.

(Fear returned to the shadows and birds began to chirp.

Fear revealed itself at first light and waned as………

The Light of Love was felt with the decision to Accept.

Acceptance lit the Path.)

The Path is Today.

This is the way,

To Heal;

To be Healed.

Love becomes the Lover.

And Fear becomes a fading memory.



Competitive spirit; the will of the weak.
Line item listings
Of Proof
Wasted moments of life without meaning
Uncomfortably long
Of tooth.

So where are they now; what purpose was served
What hope for the future
Arms out. Now walk. Now jump up and down.
Signs of Life.

Competitive spirit; Now tweaked with resolve.
Line item listings
Now gone
Service to Others; a life Now with purpose
Confidence second to
Life Now

By Lee Broom