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To Camouflage…..


We want to be different;

to be noticed

but not too different.

We also want to be loved

but also respected.

One of the gang

but also special.

Leopards and Zebras and Holsteins when bunched together

appear to be one

’til one steps away.

The spindly legged Zebra colt moves toward the patch of black and yellow flowers

and becomes lunch.

Fred loosens his tie and others notice

but not so much.

Delilah wags her tail and grins her doggie grin;

we miss her still.


Art creates art.

and becomes popular and

then not.

And Art’s art is forgotten

as is Art.

To Camouflage.

or not to camouflage;

is that the question?

To Camouflage…..?