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Fingers and Toes and Goodness Knows


Fingers and Toes and Goodness Knows


Desire hungers for more.

Directed only at Self.

The inner Elf……



Then Love is introduced.

Desire hungers for more.

Redirected to include

Other Selves

More Elves

And yells

Let’s get ‘er done



When birds fly, when ants forage, when religions are born, when governments collapse, there is a principle involved; it has nothing to do with education, intelligence, with social history or for that matter, any noticeable measure of sanity. It is present in all group activity. It requires only the most basic instinctual fragment of decision-making. The leader of the pack “says” North, South, East or West. The pack members notice only the constituent to the left or the right and follow the observed movements. With starlings it is called murmeration. With cattle it is hanging out with the herd. With bees it is buzzin’ aroun’ with yer buddies and with people it is the nod of a hundred heads to the command “Let’s get’er done.”