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The Moment of Truth


True Memory includes the Future.

The Truth of History is that it has no Beginning.

The Truth of The Beginning is that it has not yet arrived.

The Truth of Now is that it never, ever leaves us.

The Truth of Peril is that it is rarely a surprise.

The Truth of Fear is that it exists only in the future.

The Truth about the Future is that it does not exist at all.

The Truth about the Past is that it came too soon, left to fast and never really was.

So what must we, can we (do we want to?) do?

The Next thing? The Right thing? The Best thing? The Best guessed thing?


At all?

May we speak authoritatively about the unknowable?

Is Truth discovered?




The Truth of All is in Forever.

The Truth about The Lie is that it is not.

Every response to Fear, every Smile, every Frown, every Attack upon another, every bolt of frightening, tightening in the gut in the rush to save another…

Every Flash of lightning (tut-tut), is known to each and warmed by all.

The Truth?


Or Not

The Truth of Now is that it never, ever leaves us.

The same is often said of God.