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(Everything you can imagine, is real. Picasso.)


There is no truth but this, he said.

And then there was no more.

(When nothing else is all there is it begs to quest what for.)

He winked and grinned, with mischief, yes and held the open door

How ‘bout this? He asked.

How ‘bout this?

In the Beginning

Big Bang slide_22393_1160614_free

The very Beginning Began with a Bang

And in the Blink of an Eye

A Trillion, Trillion, Trillion events


The final tear eroded

The Eternal Inner Cry as

A Trillion, Trillion, Trillion events


The perpetual Smile of

Quiet, Indulgent Love.

And as We began for

A Trillion, Trillion, Trillionth time

It was Love at First Light.

The very Beginning Began with a Bang

The very Beginning



A Big,






How many millions are in a trillion?

How many leaves in a forest?

How many souls exist in forever?

How many came before us?

Where is it written?’Where are the answers?

Where is the heavenly Chorus?

When did the Big Bang Beget the beginning?

Is the answer there before us?

What if I told you I knew all along?

What if you held a Thesaurus?

A new interrogative might have an answer

Or perhaps it would simply bore us.

Perhaps I had better ask Morris